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Release Time : 2018-5-23 | Clicks : 4898 | Author : ZHONGFU SHENYING CARBON FIBER

    Characteristics of carbon fiber is high strength and high modulus which makes its composites light-weight and high rigidity.So it has advantages in the feild of sports and sports equipment.People can obtain remarkable experience by using this material.

    Zhongfu Shenying SYT45,SYT49,SYT55 carbon fiber can meet the requirement of 75g/ ㎡ surface density for hot-melt prepreg preparation process.SYT45,SYT49 carbon fiber in the solvent method in the preparation of the prepreg has the same excellent performance.It can meet the requirement of 55g/㎡ of solvent method for preparation technology of prepreg material.

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